Food List

Mezze Wine

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Season's Choices

  • Beef’s pastrami carpaccio
    beef pastrami, lettuce, Greek truffle oil, kefalotyri cheese
  • Lamp fillet
    smoked lamp fillet, homemade sauce with Vinsanto and raisins
  • Chicken fillet
    roasted chicken fillet, homemade sauce with Vinsanto, dried tomato from Santorini
  • Beef tongue
    beef tongue, homemade sauce with capper, katiki cheese, Assyrtiko
  • Fava spread
    fava been, tahini, caper, octopus, grilled bread
  • Kopanisti spread
    local cheese kopanisti, caper, Greek yogurt
  • Feta saganaki
    grilled feta cheese, Greek truffle honey, dried walnuts
  • Metsovone saganaki
    grilled Metsovone cheese, Greek truffle
  • Smoked eel fillet
    smoked eel fillet from Messologhi, homemade sauce with anthotyro cheese, Greek yogurt, horseradish
  • Fresh oysters (6 pieces)


  • Fig green salad
    green salad, Greek goat cheese, figs, balsamic cream fig


  • Greek cheese cake with mizithra and olive jam
  • Ice cream parfait
    white chocolate ice cream, Agiorgitiko wine sauce
  • Wine ice cream
    homemade ice cream with Vinsanto


  • Tomato, olive paste, oregano
    fresh tomato, homemade olive paste with caper from Santorini and “Kalloni” anchovies, extra virgin olive oil, oregano
  • Pasteli, goat cheese, strawberries
    ancient Greek’s energy bar with sesame and honey, goat cheese from Monemvasia, fresh strawberries, balsamic cream fig
  • Quince paste, graviera
    traditional quince paste, graviera cheese from Naxos, caramelizeddried nuts
  • Kopanisti Mykonou, mushrooms
    traditional local cheese, marinated mushrooms with Vinsanto from Santorini


  • Pastrami, manouri, fig jam
    beef pastrami, light goat cheese, homemade fig jam with Moschofilero
  • Pancetta, apple chutney
    pork pancetta, homemade apple chutney with carry
  • Bacon, truffle
    crispy bacon, Greek truffle, pepper
  • Graviera, prosciutto
    graviera cheese from Crete, Greek prosciutto from Evrytania homemade sauce


All products are Protected Designation of Origin
  • Greek charcuterie & cheeses plate with chutneys
  • Greek vegan plate with chutneys
    (for more gluten-free or vegan products, ask for the special menu)
  • Greek plate Kosher Certificated products
    (for more Kosher Certificated products, ask for the special menu)
  • Greek charcuterie plate with chutneys
  • Greek cheeses plate with chutneys
  • Cyclades charcuterie and cheese plate
  • Valrhona chocolate and cheese plate