Rent a Wine Cooler

Have you ever think of renting a wine cooler for your Villa? With Cinque Wine Bar everything is possible.

Wine coolers create the ideal conditions for smooth wine maturity inside the bottle, ensuring 100% the highest quality of your beloved drinks. This is a great way to upgrade the services offered in your accommodation compared to other similar Villas. Show your professionalism and highlight your respect to your visitors by giving them the privilege to enjoy a bottle of wine at any time and always at an ideal temperature. Make your own selection through a wide range of Greek and foreign labels according to your visitors’ profile or take advantage of our experienced sommelier and together pick the wines you like. The small total capacity of 16 bottles 750ml, makes it more flexible to you in order to manage the stock. A special English leaflet, with some easy to make recipes, food and wine harmony, information about the wines and winemakers, will be provided as well in each wine cooler. A special skype line, has been created for you and your guests to assist you anytime you desire. You only have to choose which short-term contract better meets your needs. You don’t have to be a dedicated wine lover to choose such a service! For more information please call us.

Our tasting will be your inspiration in unlocking the secrets of Greek terroirs.